Norman “Tout” Leckie

On April 9th, the Battalion moved back into the trenches in relief of the 43rd Battalion. This time the fighting and shelling was much more intense. The result was 3 dead and 5 wounded. The 58th was starting to feel the pain of War. On the 13th, they were relieved in the trenches by the 1st CMRs. They went back to the safe areas in an abandoned farm and were able to bathe, much to their relief. There was time for two more football matches. The first was a victory of the 52nd Battalion. Then, they had  an inter-company tournament that was won buy B CO. ( Farquhar’s Company ).

April 21st saw the Battalion moved again back into the trenches. Half the Battalion went to Zillebeke Bund and half went to the Belgian Chateau, just west of Ypres. The Chateau was not one of there favourite places. It was considered extra filthy and extra uncomfortable. Shortly after settling in, the Germans began an intense bombardment of the Chateau.

One dugout took a direct hit from a 5.9 inch High Explosive shell. In that dugout was Major Norman “Tout” Leckie. Three ORs were killed and nine ORs were wounded that day. He was no ordinary officer.


Leckie was a fine Rugby Football player. He graduated from Queen’s as an Engineer and captained their football team. Afterwards, he played for the Hamilton Tigers and the Toronto Argonauts.


Major Tout Leckie Killed, 1 May 1916

LeckieMilitary Record

Letter of Condolence, Whig 16 May 1916