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I am a retired Math Professor and now a budding author. Who would have thought? I was born in Toronto and grew up in a family of 5 boys and 1 girl. I went to Winchester Street Public School up to grade 8 and then attended Jarvis Collegiate Institute, up to grade 13. After high school I attended the University of Toronto and graduated with 2 degrees (BA honours and BEd). Following was a career in teaching, including 34 years at Humber College in Toronto, teaching Mathematics and Statistics. I managed to coauthor one textbook, an introductory Stats book. I am married to the beautiful Beth and have a great loving son named Jonathan McLaren Law. Oh yes, I am a lifelong Toronto Maple Leafs fan. I lived happily in Bolton in beautiful Caledon ON for 31 years, and I am now living in Burlington ON and loving it too. The book is available on, Chapters - Indigo and Barnes & Noble.

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Flowers of the Forest – The story behind the story. A young man’s journey to War. The Great War.

Farquhar Mclennan
My Great-Uncle, Pte. Farquhar McLennan, killed in action, June 13, 1916

Join me, if you will , on a journey in time – a journey back 100 years! Back to World War One.

I have designed this website as a media supplement to the novel “Flowers of the Forest”. The novel is a historical/fiction rendition of my Great Uncle, Pte. Farquhar McLennan’s time in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces in the Great War. Pte. McLennan entered the War with his two best friends and the three of them shared a love for Football (Soccer). The story explores the way sport played a role in their training and morale. This site gives the reader of the novel, the opportunity to see photos of the vivid characters and amazing places that live in the pages of the novel. The reader will also have access to background information and research that went into writing the story.  The Library and Archives in Ottawa provided a wealth of digital data that are displayed in this site. The project started out as my curiosity but soon became my passion. Read on as I update the site and find out why. Here is a chance to view some compelling  photos and documents. Travel back in time 100 years and feel the vibe!

  • A wonderful bildungsroman* tale of a young soccer player thrown into the depths of the Great War. – a Reader

*a novel dealing with one person’s formative years or spiritual education.

  •  A GOOD READ… I enjoyed it immensley. – a Reader
  • Quite and enjoyable read, based on history and a story. Thanks Rick Law, I liked the story. – a Reader

Please enjoy the hundreds of photos and images in the Gallery of Pictures. Scroll to the bottom of the page.




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Flowers of the Forest

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