Passchendaele; slaughter in the mud.

Passchendaele; slaughter in the mud.
For King and Empire,the landmark documentary series, chronicling Canadians in the Great War.
By Norm Christie & Peter Williamson



One thought on “Passchendaele; slaughter in the mud.

  1. Another excellent documentary in the King & Empire series. We stayed at Varlet Farm near Poelkapelle for a couple of days and walked up to Passchendaele Ridge from there plus visited the local cemetery. I can attest to the fact that there are still numerous military ordnance discovered daily all around the area, left by the farmers on the field corners for pickup by the Belgian army disposal unit as noted in the film. It’s about as common place for them as urban folks putting out their trash for collection.

    It was good to get a better understanding of this battle, where my great uncle Sgt. William Little reg #192909 was KIA Nov 8,1917 while serving with the 15th b’tn. We were able to visit his gravesite at the Divisional Collecting Post Cemetery just north of Ypres. There were so many others killed in this and other battles who were never identified. If you take a Flanders war tour, be sure to include the Menin Gate ceremony in Ypres on your agenda, held every evening without fail.

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