Corporal Harry G. B. Miner, VC 1891-1918

Corporal Harry Miner VC


Harry Miner was born near Cedar Springs, Ontario, on June 24, 1891. He went to Highgate School in Oxford Township before becoming a farm worker.

Harry enlisted in the 142nd Battalion, CEF, and then was transferred to 161st Huron Battalion when he arrived in England. In France he was taken in by the 58th Battalion in December, 1916.








Corporal Miner was awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously for his conduct on 8 August 1918, the first day of the massive Allied offensive around Amiens in France. Near Demuin, Miner charged a German machine gun position alone and, after killing the crew, turned the captured weapon on the retreating enemy. Later in the day, with the help of two comrades, he attacked another enemy machine gun emplacement and put it out of action. Again alone, Miner assaulted a German bombing post, dealt with two enemy soldiers with his bayonet, and put the other occupants of the position to flight. It was during this last action that Corporal Miner received severe grenade wounds that proved to be fatal. (courtesy of National Defense and the Canadian Armed Forces)

Top, right “Three more V.C.s”




Memorial in Blenhiem, Ontario.

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