Bramshott – More troubles

For our heroes, life at Bramshott was not as comfortable as their hot, hazy days at Paradise Camp. The training was similar but discipline was much more rigid. The barracks were relatively comfortable but at close quarters. Health problems reared an ugly head and Spinal Meningitis took hold in the camp. Two men lost their lives. The first casualties of War for the 58th. On January 3rd, Pte. Oscar Gallagher died, followed 3 days later by Bugler, Harry Rance.

In mid January, word got around that the 58th had been chosen to got to France. In February, the 58th was selected for the 9th Brigade in the 3rd Division. They were joined by 43rd, from Winnipeg, 52nd, from Port Arthur and the 60th from Montreal. On February 20, the Battalion moved to Southampton and then  across the Channel to LeHavre, France. The War was about to begin in earnest!Lehavre_b


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