Into The Front line Trenches – April 1916

At the beginning of April, the 58th Battalion made it’s debut in the Front line Trenches, just south of the Town of Hooge, on the Menin Rd.

Warrington Ave
Sanctuary Wood, Ypres Salient, south of Hooge. German trenches in Red, Canadian in Black.

They went in relief of the 113th Battalion, located in the left sub-sector of the left sector in the Salient. On April 4 , 1916, the Battalion was subjected to light shelling, resulting in the death of 1 soldier. The next day, the support trenches were shelled heavily, and the result at the end of the day was 59 casualties, with 1 O.R. (other rank) dead. The Battalion was relieved by the 113th that night. All relief efforts had to be conducted at night , under the cover of darkness. The 58th was bloodied for the first time. All of their training was put to the test. Below, is page 2 of the Battalion Diary, which was kept by the Battalion Adjutant, Capt. McKeand.



The 58th went back to Camp E for rest and training. On April 8, they managed to engage in a football match against the 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles (CMR). The result was a 3-1 victory for the 58th. Still formidable!

Football behind the lines.
Battalion football game. 3-1 victory over 1st Battalion

Stay tuned. More to come in the next post.


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