At 1:30 AM, June 13, 1916, the 58th began their attack on the trenches that were once their own. The Germans had occupied them since the June 2nd attack. Early counter-attacks had failed miserably in regaining the lost ground. The loss was considered a “black eye” for the Canadian Corps. This time it would be done properly. The foe in front of them was 119th Grenadiers.

119th Grenadiers

The 58th moved into postion in the trenches and No Man’s Land just before the signal was given to attack. The Battalion was just a little to the north and east of Maple Copse.

Google Earth Visual of Area

Google Earth View of the Battlefield


Map of the Battle of Sanctuary Wood

On the Canadian Corps map above, I have marked in red, the position of the 58th at the time of the attack. It is my belief that Pte. Farquhar McLennan was assigned to a bombing section. Bombers carried a sack of Mills Bombs (grenades), no rifles, and preceded the infantry into the enemy trenches. These bombers were considered the elite forces of the battalion. Their job was most critical and most dangerous. They advanced by stealth until they hurled their bombs ahead of them, down the enemy trench. Catching the foe by surprise was the objective.


If you look at the Report on Operations, above, you will notice that one section of “bombers” was assigned to proceed up “Warrington Ave.” (all trenches were identified with names). It is probable  that Pte. McLennan was in this section.

58thwardiary1 - Copy

58th War Diary June 1, 1916

58thwardiary2 - Copy (2)

Stay tuned. To be continued.


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