Bramshott Part 2

Bramshott Camp Officer’s Mess

The 58th was in Bramshott, England over the Holiday period, December to January, 1915. Most of the men, being from the British Isles were able to secure leave and go to visit relatives and friends. When I wrote the manuscript for “Flowers of the Forest”, I just assumed the Farquhar McLennan would make the train trip to visit his family in Aberdeen. At this time, both of his parents were dead, but he had many relatives and friends to visit. As it turned out my assumption was correct. This is where it gets interesting.

Only a short time ago, I was posting ads in Facebook for Flowers of the Forest. A gentleman from one particular Facebook group in Scotland, sent back to me, more information on Farquhar McLennan; information that was entirely new to me. Yes, Farquhar had traveled to Aberdeen, right before Christmas. What knocked the wind out of my sails was that he traveled there to get married. When he enlisted at Niagara, he enlisted as single, with Catherine Law, his sister, as next-of-kin.

Indeed, he got married on Christmas Eve, 1915. His bride was Miss Rachel Collie of 73 Leslie Terrace, Aberdeen, Scotland.

78 Leslie Terrace, Aberdeen
73 Leslie Terrace, Aberdeen


As a member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, he would have to get permission from his CO, Lt. Col. Genet, to get married. Apparently he did that. But it seems that Farquhar was a little late in returning to Bramshott from Aberdeen as he was listed as AWOL and confined to barracks for 5 days, plus fined 1 days pay. ($1.10)


Proof of engagement and permission to marry.
Confined to barracks (cb) and fined 1 days pay $1.10, Dec.28, 1915

To be continued, more surprising stuff!