Flowers of the Forest – The story behind the story. A young man’s journey to War. The Great War.

Farquhar Mclennan
My Great-Uncle, Pte. Farquhar McLennan, killed in action, June 13, 1916

Join me, if you will, on a journey in time – a journey back 100 years! Back to World War One.

For me, this mission started about 7 years ago. It started with the simple curiostiy of finding as much as I could find about my uncle from Aberdeen, Scotland. My uncle who gave his life in the Great War. After awhile, I realized that I had the makings of a really good story. Read on…

I have designed this website as a media supplement to the novel “Flowers of the Forest”. The novel is a historical/fiction rendition of my Great Uncle’s, Pte. Farquhar McLennan, time in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces in the Great War. Pte. McLennan entered the War with his two best friends, and the three of them shared a love for Football (Soccer). The story explores the way the sport played a role in their training and morale. This site gives the reader of the novel and casual visitors, the opportunity to see photos of the vivid characters and amazing places that live in the pages of the novel. The reader will also have access to background information and research that went into writing the story.  The Library and Archives in Ottawa provided a wealth of digital data that are displayed in this site. The project started out as my curiosity but soon became my passion. Read on as I update the site and find new facts. Here is a chance to view some very compelling  photos and historical documents. Travel back in time 100 years and feel the vibe!

Readers Comments; 

  • “Brilliant book. I read it in three sittings. Loved the Niagara on the Lake stuff. A fellow getting hit by lightning. The football politics and the fear of fear, and loss”. – Adam Saunders  – DCO, Royal Regiment of Canada
  • A wonderful bildungsroman* tale of a young soccer player thrown into the depths of the Great War” – a Reader on FB

*a novel dealing with one person’s formative years or spiritual education.

  • “I do not read this type of book often, this was very well written and every page was entertaining. I enjoyed” – a Reader on FB
  • “Flowers of the Forest is a wonderful book. It made me laugh. It made me cry. It made me think about the war (any war) in a different way. It answered questions I never even thought to ask. I felt closer to Farquhar McClennan as more than just a mention of his name decades ago. It’s definitely a great read. Thank you, Rick, for writing this book.” – Glenys Davies
  • A good story, easy to read, I enjoyed it.” – Susan Pauline Dadswell
  • “Purchased as an ibook and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Highly recommend this fine book by Richard Law, especially coming up on the Great War armistice centennial.” – a Reader on LinkedIn
  • “It’s a phenomenal book .. if you like WW stories this is one of the best!” – Prof. Mark Rector
  • “I bought the book for my husband !!! loves it.. good interesting reading. THANX keep the good ones coming !!!!! ” – a Reader on FB
  • This is a good book, I just finished it. I recommend it! – a Reader on FB
  • Just finished reading it, fully recommend it. I know St Catherines, Port Dalhousie, Toronto and Niagara on the Lake very well as I have relatives out there. But the personal feeling described in the book are incredible. Brings it home. – Wm. McConachie


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Flowers of the Forest

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Flowers of the Forest
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